Statement of Purpose

The ubiquity of internet is so vast these days as more and more people and technologies today are more dependent to the internet and its services. There is this entity called “the cloud” which handles data traffic from across the globe and people don’t know exactly what is happening inside. Humans envisioned and created it but only know the concept and structure of it, for only computers know what really is happening and of every detail of it inside the cloud. With the rising demands and unknowns in Telecommunications industry, motivated me to pursue Master of Science in Telecommunication here in George Mason University. I believe my educational background in Electronics Engineering, with all the knowledge I gained from it, and my ever-positive disposition makes me qualified to thread the standards of this institution and overall, to triumph over this new chapter of my life.

One of the biggest decision on my life is to choose whether to be contented on a nice paying and stable career for the rest of my life on the same level or start all over from the start of a new level, to become a students once again, sit in a classroom, do some assignments, take an exam, graduate, and repeat cycle. So, as I am writing this, it is so obvious that I chose the latter. I’ll be once again a student imminently going to graduate and repeat the cycle. But wait, there’s more having to pursue higher education isn’t just about graduating. I make this decision for I don’t want to be enclosed in a box as I am not contented and would like to grow and learn more. I have this void inside me that I need to feel. This void is the question I ask myself the question of  “what if?”. It is a question I may never answer because I fail to answer the opportunity when it came. As a quote form Leon Spinks says, “Opportunity knocks only once. You never know when you’ll get another opportunity. And as my father always say, Education will alleviate us from the cobweb of poverty.

Now I as I face this new chapter of my life, my weapon is basically my educational qualifications and my will to take on what life challenges me. From my undergraduate, I was able to acquire substantial knowledge about electronics and communications. For electronics part, to name a few of what I have grasped though the different concepts revolving around it such as the Semiconductors, Nonlinear Devices, Integrated Circuits, Discrete Devices, Analog Devices and etc, partnered with the disciplines of communications such as Data and Digital Communications, Networking, TCP/IP, High Speed Networks, Radio Communications and many more, let me to and enabled me to undertake this opportunity that will inevitably change my life.

To become successful in every undertaking, I believe that having to collaborate with other professionals not limited to other students, but also to faculties and alumni is essential to grow more to become more. Having to learn and achieve things alone is very rewarding but imagine how much more we may learn if we put are heads together. I will collaborate to exchange ideas not just in class but also in professional gatherings such as mixers which is sponsored by the George Mason University Department of Telecommunications in an effort to encourage each professionals network together, and exchange ideas may it be students, faculties, alumni or members of the industries. I also believe in the saying that “No man is an Island”, and I believe man are like burning coals, apart from other coals it will be easily extinguished but if brought together with other coals, they will be stronger, not easily extinguished and will produce more heat.

In the academic year progresses, I plan to take Certifications to increase my knowledge and to boost my qualifications. I certification I want to take is the Cisco Certifications this is a long-postponed plan of mine which I will make sure that I will be able to accomplish it before I graduated and start the internship. Next certification I planned to take is the Amazon Web Services Certification. I planned to take this before I graduate as well. Having those certifications will sure surely give highlight to my credentials and standout among others. Though competition is a part of it, I want to do it for personal satisfaction as well. It will bring aroma to my future career applications. After I graduate, I will strive to be accepted in Amazon Web Services for my internship and future career. Having to work on a company that directly specialized on my field as mentioned above with the mystical mystery of the cloud and what may be its future, will boost the disciplines I will be acquiring in this institution George Mason University.

On top of all my plans, I want to give back to society, especially to my family with their unwavering support, through ups and downs they were there without any judgement. We may meet various great people along the way, we may achieve our greatest dreams and ambitions, and we may forget them when new ones come, our family should never be neglected, for one way or the other, without them we will not be able to where we are now or in the future.