Career Goals

My undergraduate is Electronics Engineering, this course revolved on a broad spectrum of specialties, to name a few, may it be telecommunications, manufacturing, research and development and even academe. For the passed years I have been searching for the right career for me, a perfect fit. I worked for a cable company, I worked for a manufacturing company, research and development, and considered academe as well. So, as you now know, I decided to pursue Telecommunications. The decision of choosing to focus in telecommunications, rooted actually way before when was in elementary. I always wondered and fascinated on how grown ups talk over the phone (magic box as I call it) to people whom I know lives at the far side of the world. On that moment I decided to discover how does it work and here I am doing a final piece of my homework to matriculate and proceed to MS in Telecommunications.

Years from now, I see myself doing the things I only wondered when I was young gained the another degree a Doctor’s Degree in Telecommunications. I plan to focus more in this career, to enrich the knowledge I gained through all these years to be one of the contributor in the world’s wall of knowledge.